Reliable system for instant delivery digital goods purchased on eBay, Aukro and online stores.

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Reliable system for instant delivery digital goods purchased on eBay, Aukro and online stores.

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  • 2 031 919 sent digital products
  • 60 848 261 value of sold items

How Automater works?

Automater will sell for you. Just configure your account and Automater will take it from here.

  • Your customer buys item

    Automater can be integrated with Aukro, eBay platform, and many more payment agents. Use our API for new transaction. Learn more.

  • You are receiving payment

    System will automatically receive payment confirmation. You can process payment manually if customer will pay for the item by traditional money transfer.

  • Automater sends code

    You will be notified when customer opens message with code or message will not be delivered. We assure a tool that your customer can use to submit a complaint.

Automater PRO New

Automater pro

    We know when customer will likely quit Your services and that is why we will help you with keeping him.

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33 735 749,06 USD

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56,84 seconds

is an amount of shipping codes to customers

Currently, the most solid automat in the market. Great support - reaction for submitting is almost immediate.

Aneta, BlackKittyLLC

Thanks to system, codes shipping is a pure pleasure. Intuitional administration panel, ability to add codes in the text form or image.


We have used Automater for a year. Without automatization we would not service such a big sale. System is reliable and ability of complaint is an additional convenience.

Adam, ZDRAPnet easily allows saving time due to automatization of Aukro service. Big advantage is clearly seeing sale statistics. We recommend you!


Check, what you will earn with Automater

Most known system for automation sale and digital item shipping. More than 10,000 registered sellers from all the world.

One sale place

Automater integrates the most popular sale platforms and payments agents. Monitor sale of all your products from Aukro, eBay, or other online stores at one place. Automater will group your customers and will put them in the panel.

Full automation

Connect codebase and auction or item monitoring. Automater will take care of everything else. Automater will generate payment form, send codes to customers, and in case of problems with item will enable submission of complaint.

Security and reliability

For few years we have been leaders in selling and shipping digital items in Poland. Our experience makes us best and we can support your sale faultlessly. Each transaction is fully secured

Online store for free

You can create a free online store on our server. Commission from item sale is 1% only charged when transaction has occurred.

Check us completely for free!create account Any questions? Contact with us

Connect Automater

You can automate sales and sending codes to buyers, if you integrate Automater with your sales platform. You want to link the Automater your website? Check out our API or plugin for online stores.

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