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Integration with Allegro

Connecting with Allegro allows for automatic sale service and automatic sending codes to Buyers after purchase. One sending costs one credit. Current credit price list can be found in the Cennik tab at the home page.

Why choose Automater?

  • the largest platform in Poland - more than 3,500,000 sent products
  • the ability to simultaneously sell in the Allegro, eBay and online shops
  • possibility to connect an unlimited number of Allegro accounts
  • independence from the Allegro API - we record payments without delay
  • high deliverability an e-mail and tracking (delivery, open)
  • possibility of shipping code and files up to 100 MB and recurring shipments - e.g. subscriptions
  • advanced sales statistics and export transaction history
Depending on customer's location, he will receive a message in one of the languages: Polish, English, Russian, Czech, or German. International sale is not a problem for us!

To connect with and Aukro to activate monitoring of a first auction:

  1. Log into your account (don't have account? register)
  2. From menu choose Items / Aukro / connected acounts and set up your login and password from Aukro
  3. Next create new database with codes in Database / add new database
  4. To database add codes which will be sold i.e. PlayStation Network cards
  5. Next activate Aukro auction monitoring in Items / Aukro / all auctions
  6. Serviced buyers are in the tab Customers / transaction list

Additional information and assistance in the configuration you will find in the section Help.