Help and configuration

Sending e-mails to customers

Automater has a built-in module for sending marketing e-mails to Customers. The cost of sending 20 messages is 1 credit. Messages can only be sent to people who have agreed to receive marketing e-mails on the page with the transaction status.

In order to create a campaign and send a message to customers, log in to the system and go to the Marketing / E-mail campaigns / New campaign tab, and then define:

  • group of recipients - transactions that meet the following criteria:
    • words that must be included in the name of the product / auction,
    • range of transaction dates,
    • customer's language,
  • subject and content of the message.

After completing the form, click the confirmation button and go to the summary. At this point, you can verify your campaign and audience, and then approve the shipment.